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Support The Save Humanity Foundation

Support The Save Humanity Foundation

The Save Humanity Foundation
5391 S. Superstition Mtn Dr.
Suite 104 PMB #425
Gold Canyon, AZ 85118-5898

Dear Patriots,

Anyone can understand the urgency of informing people about the genuine threats we face after reviewing the website www.SaveHumanity.life and watching the documentary film “The Save Humanity Project.” This cannot be overstated.

Our country and the entire world face enormous threats, and we are dedicated to bringing them to light. Because only by acknowledging them and joining together will we be able to avert the impending disaster. While we are proactively producing educational documentary films and providing a social network that promotes free speech and uncensored news dissemination, we need your help to maintain and expand our efforts!

Our documentary films and social network have been entirely self-funded. In 2021, donations covered only 2% of our operating costs. We have invested all our assets and launched our venture with almost no public support while offering free membership to our social network www.PatriotNet.com and free screenings of the documentary film “The Save Humanity Project.” You can support us by making a donation. Your assistance is critical to our efforts to continue our public education campaign. We’d appreciate it if you could make a contribution to help us achieve our mission and preserve our diverse cultures and our freedom.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your donation will go toward our operating costs and the new documentary film projects we have planned for 2023 and beyond.

Here are the ways you can make a donation:

— Make a donation online at https://savehumanity.life/make-a-contribution
— Send a check to the above address (no cash, please!)

Thank you again!

The Save Humanity Foundation

P.S. Please let everyone know about our free online documentary film viewing at www.SaveHumanity.life. Pass it on to your colleagues and friends. Creating a free account enables access to watch the film and to the accompanying online library.



      This Form is for non tax-deductible donations sent via mail.

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